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Pignoli Cookies Ice Cream

Newsletter 5 – Pignoli Cookies Ice Cream

What is better than Pignoli Cookies Ice Cream? Pignoli Cookies Ice Cream that you don’t have to churn. This original recipe incorporates the Sicilian Pignoli cookie, a delicious cookie covered in pine nuts.

Italian Pasta Salad

Newsletter 4 – Italian Pasta Salad

ThisItalian Pasta Salad recipe first came about from the back of a Good Seasons box, but developed into my own delicious creation.

Cannoli Italian Ice

Newsletter 3 – NY Slush Italian Cannoli Ice

NY Slush Italian Cannoli Ice is the featured recipe in Tessa’s Kitchen Tales Newsletter – Issue 3. An original Italian recipe with a Bronx flavor.

Tessa's Kitchen Tales

Newsletter 2 – Classic Sausage and Peppers

Tessa’s Kitchen Tales Newsletter 2 features Sausage and Peppers. Cooked on the stove and brought to the BBQ and it will put hot dogs to shame.

Tessa's Kitchen Tales

Newsletter 1 – Italian Recipe Site

Tessa’s Kitchen Tales is an Italian Recipes Newsletter with wonderful stories and home cooked recipes that you will enjoy!

Tessa's Kitchen Tales
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